BadAss Friends

I turned this online quote into a lil Christmas tree reminder of what I have to celebrate this holiday season.  BadAss Friends!  Time and energy wasting, retreating from wholesome connection-  leaving myself utterly joyless and 100% unfun STOPS now.  I must redirect myself as many times as it takes- to celebrate and honor YOU!  Today, I will intentionally acknowledge the unconditional love and kindness, laughter and tenderness, of those who will openly and kindly disagree with me and treasure me.  That is BadAss Love!

In the past 18 months, I have disappeared almost entirely, from my Trusted Others OR am crying AT them to gasp in awe, with me at the tooootallly consistent behaviors of my MCRs…. pawing for validation of, or soothing from the emotional violence directed at me.  BadAss Friends listen. They love (the verb-not the feeling) They do not judge or disappear, no matter how tiring and repetitive.  Thank you.

While the holidays are a time for love and joy– It is not possible for me to think thoughts of my family and to feel the good feelings simultaneously.  What we focus on grows!  Duh… Didn’t I just write about that?  Today, I reflect with a smiling heart the well spent hours yesterday, on the phone with my bestest bestie(in SoCal). The word friend does not begin to describe her place in my ♥.  We laughed, disagreed, briefly but intently, over semantics, and then laughed until we ran out of time.  We share a mutual dislike for phone-talking and the fact that sometimes it is the best we can do to be together until our next visit in which we will lose ourselves for hours as we craft silently together and physically grapple on the floor while she attempts to teach me the basics of Jiu-Jitsu.

This silly quote/meme thrills me and reminds me of her!  She calms me easily and gladly and will want to beat your ass, as a spiritual giant, she will pray for you instead.  hahaha

BadAss friends laugh honestly and kindly at themselves and life.  They want nothing but the best for you — never needing to diminish you….especially in sneaky subtle ways aimed toward efforts at appearing sympathetic AND better than.  Ok, a little bitterness may have crept in.  Time to sign out and focus on BadAss Friendships.

Much Love,
Magda Gee

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