Why Lie?

Just as some of us need more food, sleep, exercise, some of us require more time and space to recover from daily life in this overstimulating world.  So silly and exhausting to try and hide this from others.  Culturally, I guess, it is meant to be impressive, boasting self elected denial of our own needs and casually illuminating all the things we DO instead.  I feel not only relief, but pleasure from admitting that “I just can’t do it.”  Having Trusted Others who share this as a value is a spiritual triumph, especially for those with whom I choose to share a table and a bed.  We mutually and collectively refuse the needless complexity of pretending…..and of tryyyyyyying to hard.

I  fucken love ♥ the total ownership “I am sorry, that is not going to work out.”  Why lie, attempt to twist or shave off parts of myself to make others comfortable?  Where is the prize for that?  Is it a prize I even value?  If we must lie to meet our own needs, maybe it is time to check our needs or those whom require us to lie, in order  to claim our seat at their table.

At the truth-table, Glennon shows us how there are infinite seats, the table just gets bigger.  Grab a seat—capes can be checked at the door.  Martyr is not the same as a Superwoman.

So grateful for all of Glennon’s courageous and brilliant sharing of this value, this way of being in the world.  Check out this hysterical confessional interview with Ann Patchett.  So fun!

What A Fun Book! Lose the Cape
Much Love,
Magda Gee

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2 Replies to “Why Lie?”

  1. Wow. I agree completely. I have to have time away from others on a regular basis. I have to schedule at least one evening per week that’s just “me” time for my own mental health. I’m not ashamed of it, and I won’t let anyone take it from me. I had a conversation a few weeks ago where someone was trying to guilt me into doing something (so unimportant, just a dinner out) and I NEEDED down time. I gave several excuses that were all dismissed/not taken seriously enough, when I finally said “you know what? I don’t even have to have an excuse. I just don’t want to go.” This Year I’m refusing to do things I don’t want to do just because someone else makes me feel like it’s an obligation. AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT. <3

    1. Elizabeth-
      OMG—How did I miss your precious comment. 100% excuses and justifications just become a pint of departure into debating and negotiating and over-explaining. No is totally a complete sentence. I love saying “Sorry, unfortunately, that will not work out, maybe next time.” I hope you will come back.

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