Being Heard v. Being Erased

In my upbringing I learned all about shutting down–trying to erase you or at the very least, make you feel erased when you differed from,  or maybe even were similar to me, in ways that illuminated my imperfection wrongness.  Generous efforts were dedicated to my own erasing of myself—trying hard to not feel what I felt, to not know what I knew, and to not say what needed to be said.

I see how it was not possible for me to lovingly relate while concerned with erasing and being erased.  Erasures are for mistakes.   If I were a religious person, I might say that “God doesn’t make mistakes, only humans can do that.”  So grateful for a loving God that allows my brokenness to be mended and mistakes amended.  People and the past are for loving and learning, not for erasing.

Listen Listen Listen Love Love Love-Kind Benevolent Gentle

100% WBA

People are for elevating, not erasing.


Much Love,
Magda Gee

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