We Are Only As Sick As Our Secrets

Hello Friends,

“I’m 44. I’ve been recovering for years in xxxxx meetings for adult children of xxxxxx. With your help, I now own my past. I live in the present with a God of my understanding, and I face the future without fear. I tell you about the pain. I tell you about the anger. I tell you about my shame. I tell you my secrets. With each telling, I heal. I tell and tell and tell, and I’m not sorry. I’m grateful! You accept me as I am, and I find the hollowed-out places fill up with love. With each telling my heart mends and I begin to want to live again.”

That is an excerpt from one of my daily readers.  It says perfectly what I have never managed to articulate for myself.  Coming from a long line of people-erasers and silencers, I am having to learn the truth of what it means not only to be me, but to be my most peaceful, healthy, complete ME.  I can always benefit from more affirming words like these– from those who have gone before me, down the road of recovery.  If you have any similar words, quotes or resources, please feel free to share them in comments or share in an email.


Thank you for being with me.


Here is one of my favorite songs that resonates with my feelings and life experience in general.  Enjoy


Much Love,
Magda Gee

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