Insanity is…

…doing the same thing and expecting different results.  By this measure, I am insane.  Less so, after attending a church service focused on love for neighbors, our fellows in need:  not turning a blind eye or avoiding.  You want to know what else is insane making?  — pretending that someone has not spoken.  I was raised by and in this and I married it.  My family and ex are not unique in this way.

Ignore it and maybe it will stop.  Why oh why would I elect to sit for a meal with people who collectively do this—and stay married and have kisses and sex with someone who shows no regard for my actual existence outside of how it serves them.  For someone like me, it will not do.  Sweet sweet Greg.  Tuned in and present, responsive- not reactive.  Where he learned this, I do not know.  His way of knowing and being make him literally divine–unlike most humans.  Thank you for teaching me Greg, for acknowledging me, believing in me, and loving me and all of my Maggie-ness, or at least kindly laughing with me about the parts of me that are less easy to love!  You are love!  I love that we never pretend or hide ourselves from each other.  xoxoxo

Much Love,
Magda Gee

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