Greatest Achievement-hahaha

I trust him in the most deepest blood way and can count on him in all ways. He makes a space for me to feel my intense and full range of emotions-and lose my shit when that is what is needed. Then he reels me back in. We laugh big over the little things, especially ourselves. He is one #wholesomebadass motherfukkuh. #Strong #gentle #confident #humble #wise #unconditionallove #authenticity #acceptance

We say thank you and I am sorry without even thinking. We disagree regularly but need not fight, because we have faith and trust and value each other more than being right.  Authenticity and intimacy, emotional safety–these are miracles and great achievements.  Thank you, sweet Greg for luvvin me completely.  I love you!



Much Love,
Magda Gee

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One Reply to “Greatest Achievement-hahaha”

  1. Mme. BadAss:
    You are the baddest! How could we who know you one way or another be so fortunate?
    I’ve spent the day whining and bitching big time worse than any time in the remembered past. Sooo tired. Soooooo sick of being sick and tired.
    On, I guess, YouTube yesterday they had a list someone made of 43 or so best BadAsses. I only remember a few. I’ve never even heard of a lot of them (they’re so young!), but I wondered what you’d think of them. Kate Mulgrew, Jeri Ryan, Mariska Hargitay, my no. 1, Lt. Uhura. They didn’t seem to know you or me, though. Wish I could remember more of them. Mostly I loved the ones I knew.
    I really feel so humble when you say nice things about me. Why would you????

    Much, much, much love – – – – JJ

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