Month: April 2017

Acceptance, Faith, Intimacy, Musings, Self-Love

One Day at a Time, They too Shall Pass

With each day and night that passes, there is one less in which we have to heal.  In this desire(to heal), I stand alone.  My mother, aunts, and uncles are at the age where mortality is difficult to deny.  I am deeply pained by the reality that funerals seem the only sane reason to join in …

Acceptance, Faith, Intimacy, Musings, Self-Love

No Solution- No problem

My lil canary dog–in tune with me, sensitive, present, and faithful.  Another 4 seizures/24 hours. When I engage the stress and despair of my family, he seizes. He is my barometer. The dysfunction is an unpleasant fact to be accepted. Not a problem to be solved. No solution-no problem. Deep sigh.  Up, the white flag goes, surrendering …