Month: May 2017

Acceptance, Faith, Intimacy, Musings, Self-Love

Just Be Happy-Goddammit

My truth is that I mostly do not have a choice about my first thought, but I do have the choice to indulge it or to redirect my thoughts AWAY from obsession or reactive behavior. I learned this practice late in life. Being commanded to lighten up and get over it drove me more deeply into …

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Letting Go of Obsession- One Day At A Time

After more than a year of wrestling with the reality of having my family of origin show me for the last time how little I mean to them, I am feeling as if maybe I am ready, to intentionally, for a few minutes each day, focus on doing something physically, mentally, spiritually to elevate the quality of living …

Acceptance, Faith, Intimacy, Musings, Self-Love

Shame Shifting

No matter how much spiritual and emotional work I do,  I am not able continue in this cycle and simultaneously work toward recovery.  The only sane choice is self-preservation.  My Good Orderly Direction tells me so.  A third way would be nice.  Based on patterns of behaviors and attitudes of my abusers sister and mother, there is no reason …