Stay Close to Anything That Makes You Glad to be Alive

What a novel concept!  Learning to be mindful of the choices I have-  sometimes the menu of options sucks, but as an adult with recovery, I do have choices.  For my weekend with sweet sweet Greg, parting only to go to my sweet Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class, I am immensely pleased and grateful.  All my BJJ fellows and Greg make me very glad to be alive.  Miracles are happening.

What/Who makes you glad to be alive?  What deserves a little space?


Much Love,
Magda Gee

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One thought on “Stay Close to Anything That Makes You Glad to be Alive

  1. So, interesting to observe you, learning what many people don’t even know they know, just from having grown up in a gentle home where they felt safe and welcome. Hats off to you for your willingness to share your journey. Your story will help others who struggle. Thank you. You make me grateful for the family I have.


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