Month: July 2017

Acceptance, Faith, humor, Intimacy, Musings, Self-Love, Trauma

What Is that smell? Could it be bullshit?

Transparency is on my mind lately, probably always will be at the fore front after a lifetime of gaslight experiences, always being told that I am not the best narrator of my own emotional and physical experience.  Now, the values of clarity, directness, transparency, benevolence are at the top of the list of qualities required …

Acceptance, Faith, humor, Intimacy, Musings, Self-Love, Trauma

The Fighter

Keith Urban “The Fighter” I actually love this song. Because I feel so deeply and unconditionally loved by sweet Greg, after decades of believing that at a cellular level and since birth I am unlovable.  It is one of my sister and mother’s favorite things to illuminate. This song also makes me feel good because …

Acceptance, Altered Books, Faith, humor, Intimacy, Musings, poetry, Self-Love, Trauma

Independence Day 2017- Freedom from ……..

Waking up kid-free, people free, day off, with only my dogs and an invitation to join trusted others without a requirement to do so is niiiice. The fact is I need lots of people-free time to recover. Not to recover from the people I love(ok, well maybe a little from them) but to recover so …