So This

Rather than entering into a difficult conversation, some people will try to silence you when they feel threatened by having to look at something that shakes their sense of power or pride.  I am not sure what this tactic is called but it is very familiar and it is this from which I walked away.  “Oh, you are saying things I don’t want said, well I will come after you personally with a machete to make sure you don’t do that again. I will assassinate your character.”  I suspect this tactic is implemented to establish fear in those who might consider dissent and to create a lack of credibility for the person bold enough to challenge.  Apparently this is common in narcissists.  As I said, I am not vested to diagnose, but I am able to read about the behaviors and see and share the likeness of this disordered thinking and the behaviors of people with whom I share blood and last names.

I will phuckyoshitup.

There is an outward claim to wanting peace, cloaking the unspoken threat that reverence is required or else.  To me, peace is not just the absence of overt war.  Peace is kindness and calmness and it does take two or how ever many are participating.  Peace is achieved in unity not demanded.


Below are some links to resources which have been helpful to me in this painful journey of awareness, acceptance, recovery, and healing.

Much Love,
Magda Gee

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