Ambition or Denial

I have never, not ever, properly disposed of old batteries, yet I collect them and store them as if I might.  I do not want them in landfills destroying our children’s earth nor I do not want them clogging up an entire kitchen drawer.   As for my ridiculous freezer collection of blackened bananas– I have made fresh banana bread exactly twice in my life.  Once though, I did make some no-cook protein balls using oats, dates, walnuts, and overripe bananas.  In true addict fashion, I devoured the entire tray in one sitting  standing and then felt ill and needed a nap.  Shockingly, I  have not since felt compelled to make the no-cook balls.   WTF?  Who does this?  I want the bananas and batteries taken care of.

I do not like the options: to dispose of them, promptly and properly, use them or keep on collecting and pretending.  Being honest about these patterns of behavior is not easy.  I definitely am finding more proof of denial and apathy than genuine ambition.  The struggle is real.

Much Love,
Magda Gee

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