Narcissists Seek Validation -Not Help

So, I find it important to note that in my obsessvie reading and information seeking re: narcissitic abuse, or really any kind of trauma, the victims are typically the ones seeking actual professional help. Because we are not naturally wired to process trauma, qualified help is prudent, if not essential. Very odd to observe a narcissist going to great lengths to portray themselves as the deeply wounded vicitm and ALSO not feel the need for counselling and trained professional support for themselves.

I have no doubt that I will take the rest of my days to recover from my experience of those who felt it suitable to systematically diminish and traumatize (my children and) me. My need for support with my healing remains ongoing. I realize that seeking help doesn’t exclude me from the possiblity of having learned and pulled some narcissitc antics, but I was starved for a better way of living and wanted help and change as badly as I needed it. That is where I differ. In recovery we commit to thee work of changing the things we can(ourselves).

My narcissists tend to be overly obssessed with righteous self reliance & shouldering/bulldozing their way through people and situations which are emotionally complex. Like… they are ther own gods (and also deeply needing to be perceived by others as elevated in some ways – and above human/inner struggle) –as well as void of desire to learn, self reflect, change, grow.

Oh and happy national daughter’s day. Obvi.

Much Love,
Magda Gee

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