Discovering loyalty, which, fingers crossed, will come bundled with learning to forgive betrayal-  is a BIIIIIG part of my journey.  Forgiveness is something I struggle to do the way my family demands grasp.  Or maybe I fully understand it and am ill-at-ease with the fact that my definition  not accepted, by those who do not accept me differs from those …

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Not stoic enough to be silent or aloof,  I am practicing saying and doing nothing in response to underhanded invitations to enter into indirect conflict.  While I now set boundaries for only myself, without arguing to be heard, my abstinence from standard entanglement is labelled abandonment—“cutting them off”  because that is how silence is used in my family. …

dirty secrets, disloyalty, Family Divider, How is it going with your sister's ex, How tasty is that low hanging fruit?, J Catherine ghoneim Whitney, Jilan Ghoneim Catherine Whitney, Musings

A Narcissist’s Prayer

Wow…I think this is worth sharing–maybe not their prayer, just their story.  Always. Much Love, Magda Gee For shorter, more frequent and fun posts, connect with me on Instagram by clicking the pic- Wholesomebadass.


Golden Memories

Thank you, Joel Osteen, for a reminder that life is about making memories.  Shared experiences and connections….rather than required and posed photos with others in close proximity.  I have too many photos suggestive of good times and connection and have been often saddened that the lack of posed photos in recent years is proof of the opposite.  Truth, I …


The Key

Humbled and entertained to recall a time I broke my key off in the lock, and out of habit or training, I mentally condemned all who surely contributed—the lock manufacturer, the key cutter, the installer—my agitation invited me to contemplate cursing them each, individually.  It couldn’t have had anything to do with my forcing and jamming of the key.  Naaaah….Though, I do …


Best Day Ever

First mellllllllow Thanksgiving ever:  Greg and I grimaced over the 7 menu items actually requiring work, imagining the stress of those with a vision for exactly how the grand feast must be presented and received.  Probably, easier done without consideration for children and individual preferences.   We were relaxed about our “plan”, and still– managing timing the dishes to be throughly cooked and hot -at …