About Wholesome Badass

The intention for Wholesome Badass is to share my journey, my UN-learnings- openly, inviting community with Trusted Others who also are intensely feeling beings. For too long, I felt I was terminally unique(flawed) in this way. This is not true. Feeling deeply, willingness to share, and healing are hard work–Wholesome and 100% Badass.  This is the record of my work, my journey.

I laugh as deeply as I cry.  I love hard and without apology for my intensity.  It is who I am, not my favorite trait or biggest asset, but a part worthy of love, just the same.  I am learning to choose only those who choose me. This is my journey into self-love, learning to be ok when others disapprove or respond with righteous unkindness.

I am blessed wth two fun, sharp, faithful little boys who totally get me and a loving boyfriend who either gets me or is trying to, or accepting that he cannot, but never suggesting a need that I be different or fixed.  I have two sweet rescue dogs who are either my hostages or me, theirs.  Either way, we get through it all, together, one day at a time.

I do feel a need to limit how and what I share about only my ex, as my children may one day read this.  How they feel about their father matters greatly; more than my discontent/anguish over what he does and does not do.   Our sons are forming and feeling their own opinions of the impact my FOO has on us as a family.  I am under no obligation to do anything but honestly report our experience of life with geographic proximity to them.  

Much Love,
Magda Gee

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