A Book Club Must Read

Just thrilled to have found and reposted this meme on instagram, if only—-for one commentor’s response: “Each time I try to appear normal, or pick up their energy thinking it’s mine… I get exhausted, ill, or totally screwed up. It’s a theatrical effort. We’re different.” ALSO–The facial expression on the guy in the image is funny AF– and the genius creator of this meme is my new hero. My bar for heroism is still quite low. Remember, I am recovering from over an over developed appreciation for cleverness.

I have finished pretending and trying to shave off or hide parts of myself for approval or the illusion of belonging. My self improvement has nothing to do with needing to present myself in the image of another human. I now have a god–and it is NOT the approval or disapproval of others. The system of rewarding likeness and diminishing differences is a cycle– like a highly infectious disease, it will affect each person with whom I come into contact, whether I am the punished or the punisher. Ew. I reject this. Erasing ourselves or others is very non-wholesome and non-badass.

Genuine lasting connection and belonging have little to do with being the same, though similarities are surely binding, particularly when they are legitimate — neither forced nor feigned. If sameness or a shared enemy are requirements or invitations, I am out. No thank you. As my commentor said: “we are different”. I graciously accept and thank GAWD for that.

Much Love,
Magda Gee

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