I Choose Corona Virus Over…

Last week, when we were notified of Ecoli in our water, our local schools and restaurants closed for 2 days and residents were under a boil advisory.  I was not afraid.  On the heels of Ecoli threat, we were notified of school closures for state and nation wide containment efforts around the Corona Virus Epidemic.

I observe and read online as many frantically race to buy and possess all of the stuff- for themselves, leaving the stores empty– some having too much resulting in scarcity for others. I will try not to judge. Fear makes people crazy and poorly behaved. I know this, first hand.

In the face of this catastrophic uncertainty, I feel oddly calm. After all, I survived my family childhood,  my marriage and my divorce, in which people (from whom I could not protect myself or my children) were knowingly harmful to us.  Helpless to predict or protect, I, for years, felt distraught and anxious beyond measure. Panicked and sad. I am still recovering.

But this, a deadly virus-  It is not actively denying or attacking my little family and we have guidance for how we may insulate ourselves from contracting and spreading the ailment, regardless of what others do.  I prefer the threat of a deadly virus any day, over another similar experience with my family of origin.  

Concerned, but not panicked, we will continue to follow advised pre-cautionary measures to keep ourselves and others safe and to buy only enough, plus a little more. One sane reason to buy excessively, is if you plan to serve those in need. Otherwise, how hard is it to leave enough for others. Right? Though, we are not fully stocked, we will gladly share what we are able, with anyone who needs or asks, even the boys’ father.

And regarding the social distancing–this feels like a dream come true. Laughing, but not kidding.

Much Love,
Magda Gee

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