I am…

According to MBTI, an ISFJ

Enneagram Almost equally #8 and #4- considering doing the paid test @ https://ianmorgancron.com (UPDATE: I gave in to the paid the test and appear to be more of an 8- Details below)

On the cusp of Libra and Scorpio–I think I am Scorpio though

The younger of two children, the youngest of the six cousins I knew

A teacher by trade—Would be forever student by choice

Blessed by two stunning sons–my greatest teachers and inspirations

A lover of animals, kindness, loyalty, depth, connection, space, truth, books, tattoos, yard work, inside jokes, belly laughs, good cries, humility, open communication, transparency, directness, boundaries (mine and yours)

Obsessed with getting my hair cut and colored—It may be my hobby

Mostly Pescatarian–I do still occasionally eat chicken or turkey- and do not feel great about it.

Divorced (THIS I feel very great about- Finished with loveless, soul killing relationships)

In a program of Spiritual Recovery

Well travelled

Half Egyptian

Officially orphaned

Estranged from my family

A loyal friend

A generous partner

A good neighbor

A great employee and support person

A fierce teller of truth and asker of difficult questions

Tall and Thinnish

Assertive—often perceived as aggressive—working on this

Courageous and Faithful

Awakening Spiritually

Empathetic and Compassionate- I care greatly about others, particularly those in need


Someone who struggles with sensory integration and feels overwhelmed by nearly all sensory input

At times socially awkward and totally ok with it

Missing my bestie during Covid Social Distancing

Considering a writing class. It would be a dream to be gifted in the ways of satirical writing or any writing at all…perhaps one day, a topic other than struggle and healing

Grateful that my work and my ability to provide for my family, has not been diminished by the frightful pandemic which is devastating millions

I am who I say I am. My words, actions, beliefs, and values are aligned–no matter who can hear or see. I am becoming integrated after decades of dis-integration

UPDATE: So, I splurged on the $60.00 test which designates me an Enneagram 8.  Though, most everything about THE 8 revolves around intense fear and avoidance of vulnerability—. I am pretty deep into vulnerability.  Shamelessly unafraid. So, the direction and feedback provided with the paid test seems useless to me. I don’t care which number I am, I really just wanted more angles and direction for growth and healing.

Much Love,
Magda Gee

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