Greasy Hair and Furry Legs

screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-8-30-17-pmFor so long, I might only shave my legs or wear good undies, outfit, or make up if I were to be seen by “someone good”.  Sad but true.  Now, I choose these things for me, for my own self-care.  Self care is unnatural for me.  So much easier to neglect myself.   I’m no longer motivated by the opinions of those once who wish to hand down their judgment or favor. Big News—the judgers do not have what I need. Their opinions are not my business and I need not turn to them to see where I stand.  I don’t need permission to take good care of myself and I don’t do it at them. I have learned to do it because it is responsible and satisfying. I am amused by my bragging of allowing my hairS to become greasy, my legs to go from prickly- to furry, to those who need to judge.

I recognize that there are times for which evidence of artful makeup, grooming, and outfitting are called.  Times where they are desired.  AND Times in which it is totally unnecessary to concern myself.  My worthiness is real, no matter. And my self-esteem tells me so.

Angel pie boyfriend returns in a few hours. Shaved legs and cute undies are always fun and appreciated but never a requirement.   Perhaps  something other than yoga pants and a tank will be applied to cover my hairless greaseless frame.  He is the first person over the age of 10 whom has ever loved me deeply and unconditionally.  Even after a year, I am still trying to get used to a nurturing and expansive relationship.  Gentle, strong, wise, self-assured, he is one wholesome badass motherfukker.


Much Love,
Magda Gee

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2 Replies to “Greasy Hair and Furry Legs”

  1. Showers and shaving take sooo much effort 🙂 I greased around all day yesterday & felt sooooo much better after cleaning up before bed —-for me!!!

  2. As far as I know, men like yoga pants-a lot. As long as what’s in it doesn’t look like it belongs to someone located on a scooter on “People of Walmart.” Damn right that’s judgemental: The ass seam on those pea green stretch pants is being tortured into non-existence.
    My compassion lies with the abused, not the abuser.

    (That ought to offend the hell out of the PC crew-even though they know damn well it’s true.)

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