Discovering loyalty, which, fingers crossed, will come bundled with learning to forgive betrayal-  is a BIIIIIG part of my journey.  Forgiveness is something I struggle to do the way my family demands grasp.  Or maybe I fully understand it and am ill-at-ease with the fact that my definition  not accepted, by those who do not accept me differs from those who think it means pretending It never happened. Deep sigh.

Being intentional about loyalty and forgiveness is at the core of the life I mean to live, model, and promote– not only for my children.

How will I practice loyalty today?  I will offer honest and sincere insights when asked. I will listen with full attention and commitment to understanding.  I will be encouraging.  I will be of service to those in need and those who count on me.  I will make amends where I have done harm… (So grateful to know now that causing displeasure is not the same as causing harm!)  I don’t have to make amends for taking care of myself.  Today, I will practice loyalty to myself.

How will you practice loyalty today?  I hope you will share.screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-9-50-18-am

Much Love,
Magda Gee

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2 Replies to “Loyalty”

  1. Loyalty is such a great topic, WBA, and one I seldom think of. It is so devalued, like the store “loyalty” in the cartoon. It’s the store which should be loyal to its customers, not the other way around.
    I think your list might read: Loyalty to: GOD, myself, and Trusted Others. God won’t let you down, you shouldn’t let yourself down, but no matter how much you trust others, they may let you down without even meaning to, or because of exigent circumstances.

    1. Yes…GOD first…with out GOD, it is difficult recognize who my Trusted Others actually are.
      Thank you!!! And, the irony of just being loyal to whatever circumstance and person you are engaging at the moment…very culturally and commonly practiced at more than a retail level.

      Hugs and Recovery.
      Cheers to Loyalty!

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