The Key

Humbled and entertained to recall a time I broke my key off in the lock, and out of habit or training, I mentally condemned all who surely contributed—the lock manufacturer, the key cutter, the installer—my agitation invited me to contemplate cursing them each, individually.  It couldn’t have had anything to do with my forcing and jamming of the key.  Naaaah….Though, I do come from a long line of forcing, jamming, condemners.  I find it not possible to condemn and be grateful at the same time.
heart.key An article about the “practice of gratitude” was shared with me–starting by acknowledging each of the people whose efforts and jobs contribute to the ease and comfort of my life. I woke too early this morning and gave it a try.  First, my soft jersey sheets, thinking of those who planted and picked the cotton, those who packed it and shipped it, those who cleaned it and dyed it beautiful red, those who turned it from fiber to cloth, cut and sewed it into sheets…and of course those who made it available at Target.   It is infinite to think of every pair of hands that went into the making and buying of my lovely sheets. I intend to make this a practice and to model it for my children.  It is an simple idea and a fantastic way to be intentional and mindful of gratitude-offering a direct path out my headspace when it is unwholesome.  Often times, a trip to Target is the only thing that soothes me from troublesome thinking.  Seriously.

Gratitudemakes you want to give to the world.  Being thankful or glad something happened is different from being grateful.  For me, gratitude manifests into wholesome giving, often to those who can do nothing for me.  A giving that requires no recognition.

Gratitude is key.  Gratitude is badAss!

Much Love,
Magda Gee

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