Listen, Learn, Serve

Squeee! I  have completed my application for admission to a graduate course of study in Applied Ethics.  I am interested in the path and the journey, without a destination or career in mind.  THIS is only the fourth thing (#1-My cross country move, #2-my job and #3-Sweet Greg) which I have actively wanted and chosen for healthy reasons, perhaps, ever.  I have spent a lifetime settling for things and running from things. This is my Good Orderly Direction at work in my life. I love this quote from Bill Gates- which inspires me not so much to not lead, but to give, to elevate those in need.

If I am lucky, I may enroll in one course per semester with the option of a certification in maaaaaybe 3 years or a Masters in double that time.  Quite possibly, I just attend classes, listen, learn, and serve- as I am able- and see where I am led.  I am currently void of concern with certification and credentials.  I wish only to become more educated and to be of service to any groups of underserved and oppressed people.  I would honestly like an invitation to work with with Bill and Melinda Gates and do only things for people lacking in the most basic human ways. I should probably go check the mail asap, I bet my invitation is already there.

For now, I will get myself into some rooms with others contemplating similar topics and matters. The information, the dialog, the reading, the research, the studying—#allofit I want to listen and learn to empower those stuck in the margins. My role at work is in Sales Support and what I love about my job– is the service aspect- serving as the behind the scenes helper. Getting to be the person to say: “I will take care of that for you. I am happy to help you with this.”

Much Love,
Magda Gee

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