First Class

So odd to return to a campus in which I attended undergrad. Literally, it felt mostly unfamiliar, possibly because I am now in a different program of study and building.  OR perhaps because I was never fully mentally present while there, 30 years ago: lost, in a constant state of emotional confusion and pain, without any real sense of connection, purpose, or direction.  100% survival mode.  Boy am I grateful that there was not social media during that era.  I will count that as a miracle, fusho.  Yikes.  

I experienced the campus as much quieter than I recall:   with students either staring at screens or hooked up to ear buds.  AND– at the start of our lecture, we were asked to share our names and our pronouns.  Crazy.  The individual next to me responded:  “Everett, he,she,they, them, it doesn’t really matter”.  Wow. 

Another difference was my arriving in time to find parking, check the map, all by myself, and independently and fearlessly determine my route to class— with time to spare.  Whoa, who dat?

Class was fantastic. In a conference room, we were seated around a long table with comfy chairs. Seems as though everyone had degrees in philosophy already, so the language and content were a little foreign to me. After nearly three hours, I left with a bazillion questions, excited to learn, read, study, share, inquire, and present. My intent is to be on time and do my best and to see where this goes. Learning and expanding are my only goals. I had no idea the depth and vastness of the matter of ethicality. As soon as I sense even a basic level of understanding or an informed opinion, I will share.

Much Love,
Magda Gee

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