An Altruistic Donor

Altruistic Donor is the term for a living donor who chooses to part with an organ for an unknown and unspecified recipient. Totally fascinated by words and language, I frittered some time contemplating how much the term applies to me. I am willing to donate a portion of my liver to a complete stranger, but would how would I feel if I were to learn my sister or ex needed some liver?

Well, of course I would for my boys’ father, because our sons love and need their dad. As for my sister, only with the condition that she acknowledge and work to repair the damage to my children, resulting from her scheme. I feel certain she would choose death over this.

Zero guilt for declining opportunities to be diminished by the words and behaviors of another. Saying No to what harms me is a healthy boundary, not a retaliation. Daily spiritual striving calls for the practices of self care and self preservation. THIS does not sit well with some. I am okay with that.

Surviving divorce and single parenting and co-parenting counter-parenting is tricky enough. To stoke those fires of tension and resentment to further your agenda, is indefensible, though I am certain something said or done by me circa 1992 would be referenced as justification. I cannot help but feel curious to know what she tells herself and others to justify her choices, which knowingly harm children.

I firmly reject any invitation for more of the same. So- Sorry, no liver for Jilan. Honestly, aside from Donald Trump, I can identify nobody whose principles, pretenses, delusions, and entitlement, I think less of, than those of my female sibling. The one difference between her and my ex–My boys need him. They need their parents working together for them. They deserve that.

While BF(boys’ father) is denied access to me, our home, our dogs, even– I would show up to serve, in the name of our sons. I prefer nothing to do with any person who chooses to harm us– to soothe or advance themselves. I elect for NO CONTACT, but as the father to my children, I support his longevity on this planet. AND- that is altruistic enough for me.

Much Love,
Magda Gee

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