Cover Up!

As part of my practice of recovery, I do take daily personal inventory and sadly, I am not so recovered that I resist also taking my sister’s and my ex’s.  I yearn to enlighten them:  “What you did was irresponsible and mean and can not be excused, not by your mood, need, age or not knowing better.”

This obsession is unwholesome, but it is real and it is my truth- I want to tell them all about themselves.  SO- My sister arranged to have this blog scrubbed last week, of all but two (I think they were missed on this first round) of the links and tags to her name so that they no longer pull for an internet search, the content remains in tact, but links and tags have been disabled and de-indexed.  Classic maneuver—the silencing and erasing.   It would be nice to be able to just pay money or really anything to have the damage by her, minimized…erased.  If only….

I don’t love my anger but I sure appreciate knowing that it is real, it is not irrational or criminal for me to feel this way or to openly share.

Much Love,
Magda Gee

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