Big Shot

In Nothing Like I imagined, Mindy Kaling shares her delicious confession about an attempt to be a Big Shot. While out with her celeb buddy in L.A., a big time producer picked up their check (as a gesture to her friend). Mindy was blown away. She found that to be the most impressive move- evidence of being a true big shot. SO THEN– A few months later, while on vacation in Hawaii, at a high brow restaurant with her family, she proudly paid an immense dinner bill for a Hollywood Giant, whom she had never met— and was left feeling bitter and lame as a result of having received no acknowledgement by him.

Paying that bill, she realized, had nothing to do with generosity (The producer was a bazillionaire and completely untouched by having his check picked up- something he is used to, and does not need), but her own admitted desire for attention/acknowledgement, and hopes to appear as a big shot. She has since declared herself officially not a big shot, in this way, and is able to laugh at herself for foolishly throwing 2k$ at a stranger’s Christmas dinner. Gawd, I adore her. She totally owns (and charms us with) her madness. Mindy Kaling is Wholesome Badass 100%. I can never hear enough, from good people who are glad to openly learn from, share, and laugh at life’s lessons. I have always been pretty good at laughing at and sharing my most horrifying choices and behaviors. It used to be maybe because of a lack of esteem. But now, I think I am appreciating the gifts and freedom of humility—not humiliation, just knowing my size in this world. I am no longer fooled into believing that I might be hot shit or a piece of shit. Practicing humility is allowing me to live as a kinder person— to myself and to others. I learned all about it, for the first time, where? In Recovery, of course!

Much Love,
Magda Gee

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