Imagine a struggling child (or really any person) whose parent, in no uncertain terms, communicates how: “Nobody can or wants to relate or even to help build a bridge to that place where you are.” Subtext: You are bad and alone. You, by your own defectiveness and doing, are on the wrong side of the gap, which seperates you from US, “the royal we”.

It is up to you, alone, to fix it, or deny and hide it, OR pay the price. But we will gladly welcome you at any time, once you have corrected your perceptions and feelings. We wish you the best, tho.

Literally, this is how it was. And this is how it is for my son. His crime: feeling too much and failing to mask it for his King Baby of a father. What kind of people actively take measures to convey the message “You are unworthy, hopeless, and alone”? The broken kind with god-complexes– robbers of trust, hope, faith, self love, dignity, self esteem.

The shit must stop. Parents and good humans build relational bridges not walls for children. Also, if you cannot be faithful allies for your young children, in this way…get some help for yourself. You ARE the PROBLEM. Just Ew. Yikes. Stop.

A continuing rant… Why expect decency from those who show repeatedly that they are fundamentally incapable of showing up to engage in basic unearned kindness, self reflection & adjustment of themselves, humility, nurturing…? Same people…always claiming to be a vicitm or a hero. I am now firmly back at Step Zero. Thank gawd, I have twelve steps to guide me out of this, once I am in enough pain to become sufficently willing.

Much Love,
Magda Gee

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