BadAss Lil Warrior

2015425My mother after her 6th chemo treatment. I think she looks like a beautiful courageous warrior.   When I see women in scarves or head covers. I want to bow to them.   Total badasses. Not pretending or hiding or flaunting. Just living and fighting the good fight.

Will you look at her!!!! amazing. I love love love this pic. The vulnerability and courage are breathtaking. I told her I loved her skull. That it was so perfectly formed and that mine would look like a softening and over ripened peach… I don’t love the cancer or that she has to be bald. But I do love her skull and her spirit and this picture, this moment where she let me try different head covers on her and even smiled for her picture. My mother now thinks I am more peculiar than ever for loving her skull and saying so without apology. I wanted to smooch it…badly– and pet it. I am her baby bunny and she will always be my mama squirrel.

Each, perfect and lovely. Both rock…just not usually together.  For too long I accepted my role as broken squirrel when I was not condemning her as evil bunny.

I love you, Mom.

Addendum 11.17.16  Only, I will no longer  abandon my well being to prove it.

Much Love,
Magda Gee

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