Absolute Authenticity Has Its Price

self-loveMy commitment to living, loving, serving, and feeling with my whole heart is separating me from historical relations which require that I stay on script and come on cue.  It feels as though it I am consistently admonished:  “Fuck you for going off script! Who do you think you are?”  Those words not spoken, but the message is clear.

I may not fully yet know who I am.  But I do know—that I am worthy of love and kindness, which prevents me from staying on the script.  #Sorrynotsorry.

I will take my cues from and keep close to the courageous, humble, and vulnerable.  For only theirs are opinions to be considered.   Owning without apology,  all of who they are, holding an expectation that I do the same.  This is not for everyone….but definitely the badAsses.  Wholesome BadAsses-thriving together in expansion; mine, yours–contraction will. not. do.


Much Love,
Magda Gee

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One Reply to “Absolute Authenticity Has Its Price”

  1. Good. Then mute the sound on your mother and look, really LOOK at her behavior: Hold that up against your history with her.
    Illuminating, I assure you.

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