Perfection v. Self Reflection

There are folks (those who are perfect and infallible- the blamers, accusers, hustlers, takers, the entitled, and delusional) unable to to say or think any of the following:

I made a mistake

I blew it

I was wrong, out of line

I was over reacting

I did not know–I was confused, scared, panicked, frustrated, feeling insecure

I misunderstood

I did not have all the information

I regret that I said/did that

What I said/did was hurtful

I do not know

I was unfair

I was unreasonable

I want to change and do better

I want to fix the damage and pain of my choices

I don’t want to always be right if it means you have to be wrong

There are things about myself I need help with and would like to change

My behavior was childish

My reaction was uninformed and dishonest

I need help with my destructive patterns

I do not want to continue in the way that I have

What do I need to do to make things right J

I would like to to get it right more than I need to be right.

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Much Love,
Magda Gee

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